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Renegade at Heart

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Diets. Rules. Eat this. Don’t eat that. Refined sugar is “bad”. Wait, no it’s not. Consuming a diet of good fats is not so bad after all. Whom do you believe?

With all of the fancy marketing tactics used to grab your attention and convince you that there is a new, undiscovered way for weight loss to occur, is it any surprise that most of us have “diet-hopped” for the last several years hoping to discover the “one” that finally works?!

I know exactly how you feel.

I hopped from diet to diet for years and began my first "diet" about the age of 12. (Can you relate?) I kept the hope alive that I would some day find the "one" that works. And, if anyone was going to find it - it was going to be me. This burning hope that I possessed deep inside led to a passion for learning and for research in weight loss and nutrition.

My Background


I am an independent researcher and weight loss strategist who is passionate about helping women reach a healthy weight. 

For more than 20 years, my research has focused on the emotional, psychological and lifestyle factors that lead to obesity and what to do about it. I devise strategies surrounding how to work with those whose long-term goal is to live vivaciously as they simultaneously achieve a healthy weight. 

My strategies about how to achieve weight loss is very different than your mainstream experts. When I think about the state of being overweight or obese, I strategize how to transform the process from all angles. I examine it from a health/medical standpoint, from a holistic nutrition standpoint, and probably most importantly, from an emotional point of view. My strategies are unique and incorporate all of these areas.

Having a voracious appetite for education, I obtained my Doctorate of Medicine from the Autonomous University of Guadalajara School of Medicine. To complement my medical education, I also obtained my Masters in Applied Nutrition from Northeastern University.