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How We “Think” About Weight Loss is Wrong

Our thinking is wrong about HOW to reach a healthy weight. Most of us begin the journey to this goal in a way that short circuits the entire process. How does this happen?

You often start with what you know. Perhaps you immediately jump on the weight scale and decide to take massive action based on that number, which either comes from a feeling of anger or despair! You heard that exercise burns a lot of calories, so you get moving. You have some ideas about what’s “healthy”, so you try to make some adjustments in your dietary habits.

After one week, you get near immediate gratification as you see the number on the scale decrease significantly. “Fantastic! The ‘hard work’ is paying off!”, you exclaim. So, you keep doing what you are doing.

After three or four weeks, the scale isn’t providing the motivation you thought it should. Motivation begins to decline. Whaaaat? I didn’t lose any weight this week!

You begin to ask yourself if what you are doing is making much difference. You begin to contemplate that it isn’t. Should you exercise more? Less? Should you eat less? Actually, what should you eat? Never mind. You ponder what you aren’t doing isn’t working. (And the internal chatter continues.) Yes, but it was working. Hmm. It doesn’t seem to be now. So, what the heck?!

And then, suddenly, you find yourself sitting at the drive-through ordering a half-dozen jelly-filled doughnuts. Or perhaps it was a different drive-through where you found yourself ordering a meal with the works plus dessert?!

Has this ever happened to you?

It’s okay if it has…many of us have found ourselves doing something similar. We are where we are in any given moment – and there is no shame in that. But what if I told you that we have been going about weight loss the wrong way for decades? Yes, that’s my bold statement. If what we have been doing hasn’t worked, it’s time to find a new way to think about it!

You see most of us probably don’t start with addressing our belief systems or goal setting or even the why. Why we want to achieve something is just as important as setting the goal to get there. And equally important and truly at the core of it all is always our belief system. Most of us have never even contemplated whether we thought our end goal was achievable. And what about all of those small goals on the way to the end goal?

In order to reach a weight loss goal, we have to align with it. Know and understand our why, deeply. Detail the desire. See it. Feel it. Get it deep within our bones. That, my friend, is how to be successful in your weight loss journey.

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